Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mission 10 Miler

The Mission 10 Miler is an out and back route just south of downtown Frederick, MD.  It is a fund raising event for the Frederick Rescue Mission.  For 2015, there were about 664 runners and the weather was perfect.  Sunny and about 45 degrees.  In 2014 it was actually sleeting heavily with an off and on mix of rain, so the runners were ecstatic.

As in 2014, the race was very well run.  The start and finish is at the Key's stadium in Frederick that offer amble parking and easy access for the runners.  This removes the need for a bad drop off since the runners have easy access to their cars before and after the race.

While the roads are open to traffic there is a lane closed off for the runners and police officers ensure that intersections are safe and the runner have the right of way.  There are plenty of water stops (about every 1.5 miles) and there is a split timing mat at the half way point (the turn around).

There isn't much to look at from a scenery perspective since it is mostly industrial/retail along the route, but there are a few spots that are a little residential/rural for about a mile or two in each direction.  The course is described as "relatively flat", but according to Strava/TomTom the elevation is 346ft which isn't horrible over 10 miles, but not sure it qualifies as "relatively flat" either.  A good deal of that is within the last mile (of course).

Elevation aside, the combination of great weather and my new toy (a TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio) I was able to set new PRs for 1 mile, 5k, 10k, 15k and 10 miles during this race.  However, there must be a lot of really good runners in the area.  I finished 94th overall and 11th in my age group.

I highly recommend this race.  It is very well run, nice finishers medal, great short sleeve tech shirt, and plenty of food and water available before and after the race.  There is actually a lot of crowd support along this route as well which is always great for an adrenaline rush to keep you moving.  I am sure I will do this again for the third year in a row in 2016.

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